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Training Tools

You will need these Training Tools for class

Bobby Whistle.jpeg
Wtr proof collar and leash.jpeg
Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 12.20.00 PM.png
Wtr 2 endleash collar combo.jpeg
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Front Clip Harness

Please Note: Not all No Pull harnesses are created equal

Only the harnesses listed are recommended

BALANCE HARNESS with 2 connection points


Five color choices for back strap (the rest is black).
Easy to put on over the head – colored strap goes on the top.
Six adjustment points, no shoulder restriction. Works very well to reduce pulling, with almost no slippage or gaping.

with 2 connection points
Clean Run Productions
(800) 311-6503

You will need to buy each part of the harness to make a custom fit.
Straps come in three different widths, with four sizes in each width
Six color choices for the top piece (the rest is black).
The best fit potential of all products. Five adjustment points. Easy to put on over the head – colored strap goes on the top.
The front connection point sits lower than in some other brands, helping this harness function better to control pulling than several of the other brands. It also gaps less.

2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness with 2 connection points

Note: The solid color options are made out of a material that is less likely to slip

PetSafe Deluxe Easy Walk Dog Harness
Note: The Deluxe has neoprene added to the straps for a better fit and less slippage

It also only has 1 connection point, so it is not as secure.

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