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Dalmatian Dog

Deaf puppy & dog

Deaf puppies and dogs learn the same as hearing pups and dogs. You and your pup or dog just need some help to get on the same page. That is where Volunteer Dog Training comes in. We have designed a Puppy Manners and Adult Dog Manners Class just for you and your deaf puppy or dog.

Classes Cover:

  • How deaf dogs think, learn, and communicate

  • How to communicate with your deaf dog

  • How to keep your deaf dog safe

  • Potty Training (if needed)

  • Preventing and dealing with unwanted behaviors

  • Socialization to people and dogs at home and in public

  • Basic Cues: Sit, Down, Watch Me, With Me, Come, Trade, Give, Relax, and Wait

  • Leash walking

  • Deaf dog specific cues: Touch and Follow


We Provide:

  • Written Directions

  • Daily Training Plans

  • Unlimited Phone Support

  • Unlimited Text Support

  • Unlimited e-mail Support

To Sign Up for Puppy Manners Class
Call or e-mail

To Sign Up for Dog Manners Class
Call or e-mail

Length: 7 Sessions

Cost: $350 for Primary service area         

          $375 for Secondary service area         

          $350 for Extended service area plus $0.20 per mile

We also offer Targeted Training for deaf puppies and dogs.

Please send us an email or call for more information.

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