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Specialized Training

Private Targeted Training Classes

Dog Reactivity, Jumping, Muzzle Acceptance Training, Bringing the Outdoor Dog Inside and other topics.

If you have a Service Dog, from a recognized service dog provider, we can help with your continuing education/skill development.


Printed Materials Included:

  • Directions for each behavior

  • Daily Training instructions

Phone and e-mail support includes:

  • Unlimited phone support for the life of your dog

  • Unlimited e-mail support for the life of your dog


Call or e-mail to set up a FREE in home evaluation and pricing


To Sign Up for Targeted Training Class

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Getting Ready for Baby

Getting ready to welcome a baby into your home is exciting for you and your dog. It also means there will be lots of changes. Volunteer Dog Training  has created a class to help you get your dog ready for the new addition. We will walk you through the many dog related decisions, training skills, and the all important 1st meeting.

Classes are done in 1 or 2 sessions depending on your dog's previous training.

We provide:

  • Written Directions

  • Daily Training Plans (if needed)

  • Unlimited Phone Support

  • Unlimited Text Support

  • Unlimited e-mail Support

Cost: $165 for standard service area         

          $170 for secondary service area         

          $165 + $0.20 per mile for extended service area

Therapy Dog Training
If you are interested in volunteering with your dog by visiting a school, hospital, or rehabilitation facility, this class is for you. It is designed to teach you and your dog how to become a Therapy Team.

Items to be covered:

  • How to work as a team

  • Dog body language and how to identify stressful situations

  • Applying obedience skills in therapy environments

  • Meeting different people in the therapy environments

  • Meeting other animals in the therapy environment

Prerequisite: Evaluation by instructor
Length: 4 Sessions of 45 to 60 minutes
Cost: $240 for standard service area
          $280 for secondary service area
          $320 for extended service area
Extra Dog: $20


To Sign Up for

Therapy Dog Class

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